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Our company, the DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE, under licenses issued by the official authorities, offers the following services:

Our main activity is guarding and protection of civil and industrial targets. The pillars of our company, our security guards complement different tasks experienced and precise. Through our activities, security is increased and risks involved are reduced. We perform our work always and everywhere with utmost care and responsibility. Our company adapts the security services and the use of technical equipment to customer needs in order to achieve the optimum level of protection.

The remote monitoring service is achieved through the DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE dispatch center. The service includes monitoring signals coming from alarm systems installed in protected objects (apartments, family homes, commercial spaces, offices, etc.): non-stop surveillance, process and store data and take appropriate action in case of events. Thus, remote monitoring plays an active role in protecting property: if signal events happen (for example burglary, panic or fire), the dispatchers on duty immediately notify persons or organizations specified, and depending on the nature of the alarm, send patrol service to the event venue.

Trained and experienced security personnel, as well as planning and optimal security preparations are the basis to event security. Preparation and in-depth knowledge of the venue location is important in the planning phase and determination of the optimal number of agents, so that we can meet the criteria of cost-efficiency. The most important condition for security systems is the central management, a professional argument which is also important from the perspective of customer relationships. Our main goal is to fully satisfy our customers needs. To this end, we will help event organizers from the run up untill the final tasks of the closing events.

DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE installs alarm systems, video surveillance systems, fire alarm systems as well as communications and IT systems using the latest technologies and innovative solutions. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction, by presenting the most reliable technical solutions, our experience and ingenuity, so that our customer can make a well-founded choice for a system with the highest efficiency.

Bodyguarding is probably the best known security domain, through this service, DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE provides protection in situations where freedom, physical integrity or customer status is in jeopardy. A discreet and efficient protection, without restriction is very important to us. Our trained, flexible and experienced colleagues, consider from the planning stage on, to not affect the lifestyle of the client. Other important elements are also the planning, detection and communication, given that possession of information is the most important aspect for total security.

Escorting the valuable transports is a very important mission, which aims to avoid any offenses that endanger the transportation process. We provide transport of cash and values with our own special vehicles – also with armed escort. The accompanying personnel is choosen from our best employees, selected through stringent standards. After the transport, we provide site protection and security untill completion of the transactions or safe storage of values. Information on accompanying services are confidential, our staff submits a declaration of confidentiality in every case.

Power cordons are deflectors of great safety, means of closing concerts and events. Solid metal components, safely mounted, excellently resistance against weather and fans. We are available for the borrowing of power cordons.

The risk analysis consist in the identifying, categorizing and assessing of the possible risks. We study the probability of risk, the effects caused, and provide complex services to avoid or reduce these. Timely detection, analysis and repair of risk factors enables smoother and stable operation of companies.

DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE provides colsultancy to identify optimal solutions on objective security and protection, risk analysis, and the preparation and training of the customer’s staff to the various measures.

Security agent course
Our “Security agent” course is authorized by the romanian National Authority for Qualifications (Autoritatea Naţională pentru Calificări) and ends with the issuance of a recognized qualifications certificate. Graduates of this course will be qualified as security guards, N.C. 5169.1.3 code – level 1 qualification.

Arms and Ammunition course
The Arms and ammunition training courses are organized in accordance with the L.295 / 2004 regulation on the Weapons and Ammunition Regime. The theoretical and practical training course in the field of weapons and ammunition is addressed to all those who want to hold lethal and non-lethal weapons: magistrates, dignitaries, hunters, foresters, security agents, etc.