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About us

SC DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE S.R.L. is a private security company that supports businesses which perceive development by ensuring and maintaining a safe and secure environment. To be able to meet the requirements of our beneficiaries, we start by analyzing the environment and assessing the risks which the objective is subject to. This is how we can come up with the most appropriate solution. The risk assessment must take into account the protective measures applicable to the objective as well as possible ways of attack. Based on the analysis, we are able to design and implement a security system which includes all the necessary equipment and specialized personnel.

Our operational personnel are certified by the police. Selection, verification and training is provided by the management.
The security personnel are equipped with the highest quality uniforms and tools, conferring them a special attitude and strength.

The mission and main objective of SC DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE S.R.L. is to prevent incidents, damages or criminal phenomena by ensuring the protection of persons or goods.

The final price charged by S.C. DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE S.R.L. for the security and protection services provided depends on the factors listed below:
– the operational situation of the objective as well as its layout, the value and importance of the goods to be protected, risk degree expressed in percentage;
– the need for auxiliary technical team,
– the precise conditions in which the security services need to be performed
– the transportation costs of the security guards,
– the degree of specialization required for security personnel.

We are confident that the security services provided by our company bring many benefits to our partners, since we ensure full availability and collaboration.
For any additional information we are here to help.